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Editor in Chief Amy Cosper on the Importance of Disruptors When you disrupt, you are rebelling and flying in the face of reason. And who doesn't want to be a rebel?

By Amy Cosper

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Amy C. Cosper

Disruption in business is a heady concept (and a clunky couple of words). When you disrupt something, you change the predicted outcome. You create a form of chaos. And because humans tend to dislike commotion, disruption can be jarring. Think Blockbuster to Netflix. Flip phone to iPhone. Networking event to LinkedIn.

The concept of innovative disruption took hold in the tech world but has gone mainstream, spreading from software to social media to hoodies to gardening shoes. Hell, these days it's not uncommon for cupcake bakers to call themselves disruptive. I mean, it's still a cupcake, man, and it's not disruptive to anything other than one's waistline.

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