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Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner's 4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Offer Balance to Their Team The award-winning cable host shares her insights on leadership in troubling times.

By Jennifer Spencer

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Roy Rochlin | Getty Images

The pandemic caused a severe blow to economies, businesses and individuals worldwide. It also quickly placed entrepreneurs in a tricky position, because they had to go from scale mode to survival mode. This is all while trying to hold onto as many clients, funds and team members as possible — and it has proven to be quite the uphill battle. As the great Robert Schuller once said, "Tough times don't last; tough people do." And the same applies for businesses as well.

But how is an entrepreneur supposed to act as a beacon of support when their own foundation is shaky? To find out, I had a call with six-time Emmy Award–winning news anchor Harris Faulkner. Outside of TV news and being a bestselling author, motivational speaker and crisis projects producer, Faulkner is a business owner. As she has traveled across America and around the world with her personal brand, Harris Faulkner LLC, she has been steeped in teleconferencing and resource allocation and delivery, long before the pandemic. Faulkner told me, "On Fox News, I am so fortunate to anchor two weekday network programs. And that means my side hustle cannot always be tended to in person. But it always has my personal touch."

Here's some of her advice for entrepreneurs to similarly continue putting their personal touch on business matters without getting overwhelmed.

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