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Want to Be More Productive at Work? You Need Better Hobbies. Here's how engaging in complex hobbies can offer mental rest and spur productivity.

By Aytekin Tank Edited by Jessica Thomas

Key Takeaways

  • Leisure time impacts our mental health.
  • "Deep play" boosts our creativity.
  • Hobbies make us more productive.

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If you stroll over to the Louvre's largest room, the Salle des États, you'll come across one of Da Vinci's most famous works of art: the Mona Lisa — an emblematic portrait in the history of art.

Considered a mastery of human anatomy and natural realism, the painting has gained widespread cultural appeal. And with good reason. Who hasn't seen the iconic image?

It's true that we marvel at an artist's ability to create these awe-striking works of art. But what's always impressed me most about Da Vinci was how he chose to spend his time away from the paintbrush.

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