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3 Simple Ways to Be More Self-Aware as an Entrepreneur It turns out there are two types of self-awareness. Here's how entrepreneurs can build both (and a more profitable business).

By Aytekin Tank Edited by Jessica Thomas

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With the economy sailing toward rough waters, entrepreneurs and employees alike are bracing for tough times.

Some are claiming we're entering an era of "bossism" — a shift in leverage from employees to managers, enabling the latter to get away with some pretty ruthless behavior. But, as a business owner with more than 619 employees worldwide, I think that it's more crucial than ever for leaders to act with empathy and maintain a sense of self-awareness. After all, research has found that self-aware leaders are more effective and have more satisfied employees and more profitable companies.

For entrepreneurs, it's worth considering how to cultivate self-awareness. But first, a closer look at the two types of self-awareness and the benefits that flow from each.

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