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How to Get More Clients When You Are a 'Solo-preneur' Being a "solopreneur" means wearing a lot of hats: Here's a guide to gaining more clients.

By Roshni Baronia Edited by Frances Dodds

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Have you ever thought about how the plot of a soap opera meshes into a seemingly unrelated series of stories and the characters seem to get into complex situations for no rhyme or reason? Nothing seems to make sense if you happen to miss two episodes because a villain crops up literally from thin air.

Such bizarre twists and turns fill up the days of a solopreneur as well, who is hustling to make ends meet in her business by handling client queries at one end while filing taxes at the other. On a given day when a family member needs to be rushed to the hospital, the very same day the laptop, aka the solopreneurs virtual office, crashes. She thought she spent just a few minutes scrolling social media and guess what, it is already mid-day! And not to forget, before the day ends, that presentation for the upcoming webinar has to be completed. Seems like someone's gonna be awake past midnight.

Phew! With so much on the platter, how can a solopreneur work towards meeting her revenue goals? With so many "urgent to-dos," when will she get the time to think ahead in her business?

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