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How to Identify Your Peak Productivity Hours During Your Work Day The business world forces everyone into a standardized 9-to-5 time box, but research suggests individuals are more productive at different times of the day.

By Gleb Tsipursky Edited by Maria Bailey

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Just as a skilled tango dancer weaves their body with the rhythm of the music, you can waltz with the tempo of your productivity. And the secret lies in unlocking the riddle of your chronotype. A chronotype, in the simplest terms, is your body's unique melody. It's a biological rhythm, pulsating with your propensity to be most alert and active either in the morning, evening, or somewhere in between.

The digital symphony of today's flexible work environment invites us to dance to our unique rhythm, and not the stifling tick-tock of a rigid 9-to-5 metronome. But first, you need to identify the tune.

Morning, evening, and neither: Which one are you?

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