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Maria Wik's 5 Tips for Automating and Organizing Your Online Business

The business and lifestyle coach has mastered how to organically streamline an ecommerce shop.

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Is your business taking more time away from you than a corporate job? When you are the main or only person in your business, you will find yourself doing most of the lifting. That means doing all the accounting, marketing, lead generation and more. It's time-consuming, and if we're being honest, that's not why you started your business. As a young entrepreneur, business and lifestyle coach Maria Wik quickly learned how important it was to automate processes and organize tasks. Before making those adjustments, she was working seven days a week, balancing part-time jobs and going to college. Something had to give.

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I recently asked Wik to share her top-five tips for organically automating and organizing an online business to become as time-efficient as possible. Below are my takeaways from our conversation.

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