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Onward, Upward Take the high road to success with these tips for positive progression.

By Romanus Wolter

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

I was kayaking with my friend Keith, and no matter how hard Itried, I could not match his pace. Exhausted from trying to keepup, I finally asked him the secret behind his paddling success.

His answer was simple: Steady, assured strokes allowed the craftto react to the force applied by the blade of his paddle. As withmany situations in life, the surface of the water and theundercurrents are unpredictable, but experience had shown him howto anchor his paddle effectively. Despite the changing seascape,Keith's craft glided forward as if powered by a motor.

It takes a similar dedication and steadfastness to smoothly moveforward in your business. People can be difficult to work with, andit takes extraordinary self-control to create success in a chaoticworld. By anchoring your actions in possibilities, you begin to getthe world to act as you desire rather than leave you to react tothe obstacles it produces.

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