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Taking Care of Your Loved Ones When Your Business Can't Entrepreneurship comes with financial risk. Is it possible to take the leap if you're also supporting a family?

By Amanda Steinberg

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Illustration © David Plunkert

Entrepreneurship is crazy, difficult and chock-full of risk, and we do it with the hope of a payoff that's likely years away. In the meantime, we scrape along with little to no salary, pouring most of our earnings back into the company, while depleting our savings (if we're lucky enough to have any).

It's one thing to throw oneself into such uncertain waters. But what about when you have a family, too?

When I started DailyWorth, I had two kids under the age of 3 and no savings to speak of. My saving grace was my day job, the web-development consultancy Soapbxx, which was paying me six figures and allowed me to transition out as DailyWorth started to take off.

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