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The Dusty Groove America Record Store Keeps on Spinning The world of music retail keeps spinning at Dusty Groove America

By Jason Ankeny Edited by Frances Dodds

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Time doesn't stand still at Dusty Groove America--the ebullient, toe-tapping soul, jazz, funk and hip-hop records in constant rotation at the Chicago shop virtually guarantee that nothing, and no one, stands still for long. But Dusty Groove is undoubtedly a throwback to a different era in music retail: an age when consumers flipped through rows of vinyl LPs and CDs instead of clicking through iTunes playlists.

For collectors who still cherish the ritual of dropping the needle on a new record, studying the liner notes and drinking in the cover art, Dusty Groove is the place where the beat never drops.

"We have a real passion for what we do here," says Dusty Groove owner Rick Wojcik, a lifelong record collector and former University of Chicago radio DJ who co-founded the company with fellow music freak John Schauer in 1996. "We just carry what we like."

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