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Top 10 in Wearable Wellness

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Companies that rethink wearables have re-envisioned how we live, work, play -- and in some cases -- sleep.

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1. makes tampons nearly obsolete with its specially-designed liquid-absorbing line of underwear that took more than three years to develop.

2. Kokoon headphones use brainwave sensors to monitor when users fall into sleep and broadcasts white noise to protect that hard-earned rest.

3. Athos' athletic contains sensors to measure muscle performance, heart rate and more. A corresponding app helps wearers understand the benefits -- or missteps -- of their workout.

4. Roar's tiny Athena device -- worn as a necklace or clipped to clothing -- is a security system for women. When held for three seconds, it sounds an alarm as loud as a freight train and alerts preset family and friends.

5. Swiss startup Ava is developing a wearable device to track fertility and help a woman better predict her window for conception each month.

6. Owlet's tiny sock tracks an infant's heart rate, oxygen level, temperature and sleep position -- and notifies parents of any concerns.

7. Smart collar Nuzzle keeps track of your pup -- it even buzzes you if he wanders off the lawn -- and the company helps owners sign up for affordable pet insurance.

8. The Moov fitness tracker focuses on movements and provides personalized coaching to make workouts better and safer.

9. Ringly is the anti-smartwatch: It's a ring with no buttons or screen, and it simply vibrates to alert you to noteworthy happenings on your device. More accessories and home features are coming this year.

10. Whoop is a fitness tracker for the pros. Subscriptions cost $500 to $5,000 a person (or a whole team's worth is $100,000); it monitors sleep, skin conductivity and heart rate, to analyze a body's ability to recover from a workout.

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