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Why 'Bite Me' Is the Best Response to Naysayers It's your journey, naysayers be damned.

By Amy Cosper

This story appears in the September 2015 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »


This month is a big deal in the magazine world. Like the fashion glossies, our September issue is hugely popular among our readers (and advertisers). But our September issue isn't about skirt lengths—it's a look at the apex of success, ideas and what it really means to make it.

So, we're not a fashion magazine, but we do have this highly chic issue about young millionaires. (By the way, the name of this annual feature needs a do-over. It cheapens the subjects' stories, which, frankly, have a richness that transcends the "millionaire" label. Check back next year.)

What I love about the four profiles in this year's feature is that, although they are unrelated, they have a common thread: finding the waypoints that can guide one to success, developing the laser-like focus that leads one there and embracing the magic that happens along the way.

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