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How to Pivot Your Business During a Crisis — and Why You Don't Need Another Crisis Before You Get Started Pivoting The concept of the pivot has been brought to the fore in recent years as the answer to crises, pandemics and revolutions. But, instead of reacting, why don't we make pivoting simply a way of doing business?

By Joanna Knight Edited by Micah Zimmerman

Key Takeaways

  • Create an environment where people feel safe, there is a shared sense of purpose, and the focus is on transparency and communication.
  • If your culture and strategy don't line up, there will be disconnect and disharmony.

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The ability to pivot is a valuable skill in any business toolbox. Fundamentally, it is about being able to change direction in order to provide a product or service that best meets the needs of your clients. And, as we know, they are not a constant.

The whole concept of pivoting has been brought to the forefront in recent years thanks to the pandemic and all manner of reactions to the consistently changing landscape. It has been a means of surviving and thriving in tumultuous times.

Yet, we don't need a crisis or challenge to embrace these very principles and build an adaptable business.

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