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3 Practices to Unleash Your Limitless Self As an entrepreneur, success hinges upon your abilities to reach beyond what's already been achieved, overcome limitations and actualize creative solutions.

By Christine Parma

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Do you remember the first job or career you ever dreamed about having when you were really young? I do. I was five or six years old and completely in love with horses, so naturally, I wanted to be a horse jockey. Yep, I wanted to fly down a track vying for first place while getting dirt flung in my face by the competition's pounding hooves.

Okay, I didn't actually dream about the dirt part — that realization came much later — but not before my dream was quickly shot down by my mother. It was well-intended, of course. After all, I was off the charts with my growth and my pediatrician predicted that I'd grow to be over 6 feet, far taller than the typical tiny horse jockey.

After my mother broke the sad news to me that I'd never be a horse jockey, I gave up on that dream and identified another. Naturally, I let my heart lead and picked another sport I loved: gymnastics. I got the same "Oh, you can't do that" from my mother and for the same reason: too tall.