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"Ready, Set, Go" to Stop Overthinking Channel the one action that is going to pull you to the finish line.

By Charles Clark Edited by Frances Dodds

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domoyega | Getty Images

Many people overthink when in fact they know exactly what they are supposed to be doing.

Instead of doing it, whatever it is — that book, a podcast, losing weight, ending a relationship, starting a business or simply taking a risk you know you should be taking — we come up with excuses, scenarios of why it won't work, why we aren't enough, and why it's ultimately going to fail.

As a world-class athlete, I've run against some of the fastest men in the world. And I know that a sure way to lose a race is to overthink. Because here's the thing: The time you are taking to overthink is wasted energy that could be used for gaining momentum in your race. Time is something a runner always wants to cut down on to win a race. And whether you know it or not, we all are running some type of race.

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