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Tips for Handling Non-Stop Travel Constant business travel can test even the heartiest of road warriors. Here are some survival tactics for long stretches away from home.

By Bruce Schoenfeld

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

For many entrepreneurs, business travel means attending a few annual trade shows or sales meetings. Maybe visiting the plant in Toledo. But some of us rely on travel. We can't make money without getting on a plane.

Every so often, that leads to a stretch like the one I'm in the midst of now. I'm just back from Boston, Oregon and Australia. Next I head to Mexico City, then Florida, Tuscany, Alabama, San Francisco and Panama. Soon after: New York, Chicago, Argentina. These days, I don't bother to remove my passport from my carry-on.

I think of it as extreme travel. If most business travel is skiing, this is heli-skiing. Occasionally, like when I manage to hit three cities in one day, it feels like the latter stage of a presidential campaign.

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