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Avoid Traveling to These Places If You Want to Help the Environment

Fodor's 'No List' 2023 calls out the destinations eco-conscious tourists should skip.

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5 Crucial Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Traveling the World

There is a level of personal and business growth that can only come from traveling to new places. Here are five of the most important lessons entrepreneurs can learn while exploring the world.

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Royal Caribbean's New Ship Opens for Reservations — And Breaks Booking Records

Icon of the Seas is said to be "the first-of-its-kind combination of the best of every vacation."

What Happens When Self-Driving Cars Crash? The Legal Ramifications of Automation

Technology is developed to improve our lives. This has meant that many traditional industries are turning to automation. Among the most notable is the automobile industry. As new practices are developed around these technological advancements, how safe are we with this technology, and what happens when things don't work as designed?

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'The Fumes Are Unbelievably Bad:' Residents Complain About Kyle Jenner's Private Jet

Van Nuys Airport in LA is bustling with the private plane activity of celebrities and CEOs— and the locals are not happy about it.

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Train Wreck at Missouri's Silver Dollar City Amusement Park Leaves 7 Hospitalized

Images and videos taken on the scene show several passenger cars toppled over.

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Locals Say Living in Salem During Halloween Has Become a "Nightmare"

The historic Massachusetts city, famous for its Witch Trials, is bedeviled by tourists.

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