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A Commonly Used Hotel 'Perk' Is Disappearing Amid Rising Travel Costs

Once considered a common courtesy, early check-in and check-out requests are now met with mandatory charges.

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American Airlines Agrees to Substantial Pilot Pay Raises — Here's What It Could Mean For Travelers

The deal guarantees an immediate 21% pay increase for around 15,000 pilots and outlines further raises over the next four years.

Side Hustle

This Couple's Side Hustle Lets Them Stay for Free in High-End Homes Around the World, Making $20k a Month.

How Austin Andrews and Jori Kerr built a business pet sitting on five different continents.

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Airlines Are Finally Fixing the Shrunken Seats That Make Flying So Miserable — Here's What to Expect

Delta, United Airlines and more have announced some big — and expensive — changes.

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Disorderly Airline Passengers Are Disappearing in the U.S.: 'We Are Addressing This Issue Aggressively.'

Incidents involving unruly air travelers abounded during the pandemic. Where are they now?

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A United Airlines Passenger Was Overjoyed to be Upgraded to First Class — Then He Was Threatened to Be Put on a No-Fly List.

A traveler's journey went from serendipitous to unsettling when he requested a manicotti for the second leg of his trip, which was in economy seating.

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How I Turned My Love for Travel Into a $50k a Month Business

Shelley Marmor joins The Side Hustle Show podcast to walk through the process of building her fledgling blog into a thriving media company.