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Why You Should Book That Early Morning Flight Save money and time -- early-morning flights have their advantages.

By Bruce Schoenfeld

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

I have the 6 a.m. flight down to a science. I set my alarm for 3:42, having learned through trial and grievous error that 28 minutes are exactly how many I need to shower, dress and toss down some cereal.

I pull out of the driveway at 4:10. There's never traffic, and few troopers bother patrolling the highway before dawn, so I can get to the airport in a brisk 35 minutes. I'm through security by 4:55, which would leave me enough time to grab breakfast--if only a restaurant were open. I usually can't even get a newspaper. But that's fine. I'm hoping to be back asleep before my flight leaves the ground.

Some people take the first flight out in the morning to save money. Others do it because of family. With me, it's both. I used to fly the night before meetings and events until I realized how much home life I was missing. What's a few extra hours of sleep compared with seeing a kid's ballgame or recital?

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