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The Red-Headed Bully From 'A Christmas Story' Is Now the CEO of a Stock Market for Sports Fans We grilled Zack 'Farkus' Ward on his incredible career pivot until he cried uncle.

By Patrick Carone

MGM & Bobby Quillard

It's been 35 years since Ralphie declared that all he wanted for Christmas was a Red Ryder BB gun in the holiday classic A Christmas Story, and as every fan knows, the only thing he dreaded more than hearing, "You'll shoot your eye out!" was running into his nemesis -- the yellow-eyed, raccoon-hat wearing town bully, Scut Farkus.

Fortunately for actor Zack Ward, the days of grabbing people's arms and forcing them to say uncle are far behind him. As the CEO of the Global Finance Sports Financial Exchange, the world's first stock market of sports teams, he helps lead a platform that allows fans to invest in their favorite teams and earn money each time they win.

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