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These are the US Troops That Lost Their Lives During the Terror Attack in Kabul

Thirteen US service members were killed at the Kabul airport on Thursday in a deadly ISIS-K suicide bombing.

Mark Cuban Slams SEC Chief Gary Gensler for Complex Market Rules - and Tells Him to Engage with Retail Investors

The "Shark Tank" star criticized the regulator for posturing to Wall Street in a Twitter thread.

Jeff Bezos Reportedly Now Owns $119 Million Worth of Real Estate In a Single Building In New York City

Jeff Bezos purchased a new $23 million condo in New York City, according to The New York Post.

Turkeys Could be in Short Supply Over the Holidays as Producers Warn They're Struggling to Keep Up With Demand, a Report Says

Turkeys weighing 16 pounds or less are in short supply for the holiday season, grocery chains say.

The Biggest Reason to Worry About Runaway Inflation Just Evaporated

Used car prices rose just 0.2% in July, a sharp slowdown from the surge seen over the three prior months.

Yelp Now Offers a Feature That Allows Businesses to Specify COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements for Customers and Staff

The safety measure will only apply to businesses in the restaurant, food, and nightlife industries.

American Express Awards 25 Black-Owned Small Businesses With $25K in Funding From Grants

Twenty-five Black-owned small businesses from American Express' the Coalition to Back Black Businesses grant program will receive $25,000 more to move forward in business through the pandemic.

Surging iPhone Sales Help Apple Overcome Global Supply Chain Shortages

Apple also reported strong Mac and iPad growth despite a supply chain shortage affecting both.

How to Watch the Tokyo Olympics, Starting With the Opening Ceremony on July 23

The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo will run from July 23 to August 8 after a one-year delay.

There Are Very Solid Engineering Reasons Why Jeff Bezos' Rocket Looks Exactly Like, You Know, That

The suborbital rocket has a domed, wide capsule on top for passengers - giving it a phallic profile.

Apple is Delaying its Office Return By at Least a Month Because of Rising COVID-19 Cases, Report Says

Apple announced in June it wanted staff in the office three days a week from September.