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The Ultimate Guide to Millionaire Retirement Planning

Reaching millionaire status in retirement is a dream for many. However, in reality, a Boston College Center for Retirement Research study reveals that 50% of Americans cannot afford their lifestyle...

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16 Strategies to Simplify Your Financial Planning and Save Money on Advisory Fees

Financial advisors offer invaluable guidance. Their fees can, however, eat into your hard-earned savings. Typically, financial advisors charge between 0.25% and 1% of assets managed. However, fees vary according to...

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A Retiree’s Guide to Digital Finance: Terms, Tools and Tips

Like it or not, digital technology permeates nearly every financial activity we perform today. The economic landscape—which includes financial services and banking—is shifting to the digital space at an accelerated...

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Investing with Purpose: Impact Investing Opportunities for Retirement Portfolios

Many retirees want to leave the world a better place than the one that existed when they arrived. But that sometimes feels impossible with all the negative headlines about environmental...

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Debunking market timing: a comprehensive guide

The world of investment is a complex labyrinth filled with myriad opportunities and pitfalls. One of the most common misconceptions is the belief in the ability to time the market...

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From financial planner to online millionaire

The world of entrepreneurship is often a winding road filled with trials, tribulations, and valuable lessons. This is the story of a financial planner who became a multi-millionaire in his...