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4 Reasons Widespread AI Adoption Is All But Upon Us (and How Your Business Benefits) Do you still think AI is little more than some sort of passing trend for entrepreneurs? Think again ...

By Eric 'ERock' Christopher Edited by Dan Bova

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

While the adoption of AI may feel like something from a sci-fi movie to some, today's reality paints a very different picture. Research by McKinsey reveals that 50 percent of companies have adopted AI to assist with at least one business function.

An ever-increasing share of companies is also busy developing its own AI solutions, disrupting entire industries. Though some industries still lag behind in the implementation of AI, its increasing prevalence and ever-varying use cases highlight that it is truly the way of the future. Smart city projects, self-driving car makers and cashier-less retail are already changing the way the world operates, benefitting from algorithmic learning.

Businesses that use AI to automate or optimize processes, meanwhile, can save time, money and resources, making them better equipped to scale efficiently and adapt to ever-changing economic circumstances.

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