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4 Tips for Making Memorable Vine Videos Jerome Jarre and Rudy Mancuso of GrapeStory offer expert advice on how to make your Vines worth watching.

By John Patrick Pullen

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Like any new medium, Vine had no rules or best practices when it launched. As a result, GrapeStory talent head Jerome Jarre and fellow creator Rudy Mancuso had to figure things out as they went along, producing hundreds of videos—some great, some terrible. "I felt like I was learning as Vine was learning itself," Jarre says. Here are their top tips for making memorable Vines.

Avoid memes and be creative. This past summer, a YouTube video of a girl getting hit by a shovel went viral and spread to Vine, where it was mocked by copycats. Don't yield to the temptation to join the fray. "Way too many people are doing that, and you'll just be buried within the hour," Mancuso says.

The beauty of Vine is that its six-second limit forces boundaries that will push you creatively. "Novelty is rewarded on the internet, and on Vine especially," Jarre says. "If it's new, it's interesting."

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