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BlogFrog and the Power of Moms BlogFrog is capitalizing on the massive influence of mom bloggers with its brand-sponsored conversations and communities. The network's agency clients and star writers are also reaping rewards. But as the line between editorial and advertising blurs, is authenticity getting left behind?

By Jennifer Wang

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

"Mothers," as Calvin and Hobbes cartoonist Bill Watterson proclaimed, "are the necessity of invention."

Look around online, and there's no doubt it's true: When it comes to innovation in digital commerce and media, moms rule. The current generation of moms is tech-savvy, highly educated and controls a dominant 85 percent of household income. Moms are also the most social demographic--which means that when they see something they like (or dislike), everybody and, well, their mother, hears about it.

Many companies are attempting to tap into this base, but one has found a way to do so that goes beyond traditional advertising. BlogFrog, co-founded in April 2009 by Rustin Banks and Holly Hamann in the startup-friendly city of Boulder, Colo., provides free tools for mom bloggers to power their own online communities, live discussions and video broadcasts, then connects these platforms with brands like Coca-Cola that are willing to pay to be a visible part of those conversations.

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