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Could This Robot Actually Be Your Marketing Writer? A new artificial intelligence model called GPT-3 is spitting out content like nothing before.

By Liz Brody Edited by Frances Dodds

This story appears in the September 2021 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Viktor Koen

In order to get something done, maybe we need to think less."

So began an innocuous post on the otherwise obscure blog Nothing But Words in July 2020 that managed to make headlines from MIT Technology Review to NBC. Why? Because while scores of humans debated its content, it turned out most of the words weren't actually written by a human at all. They were penned by a new artificial intelligence model called GPT-3, and posted by Liam Porr, a student at UC Berkeley at the time. The way he saw it, GPT-3 is about to change the way we write, and this blog post became high-profile proof.

Many people agree — and that's now raising some interesting business questions. When software can write almost as well as a human, how will that alter the way marketing copy is created, how brands communicate, and perhaps even how they interact with customers? Some entrepreneurs, like Dave Rogenmoser, founder of a marketing company called Jarvis, are already exploring that answer. His software, powered by GPT-3, writes just about anything for his clients — from emails to website content to full-length books. "GPT-3 gets you 80 percent there," he says.

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