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How to Be Your Own Media Company Now that you're your own boss, you need to do your own marketing and promotion. (Who did you think was going to take care of all that for you?) Here's how to do it.

By Chris Brogan

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You Are a Media CompanyYou started a new business. You have a great product, and you've figured out who should buy it. Now you're ready to get sales and bring in customers. This is when you decide how to execute a marketing plan. In the old days, that was a lot simpler. Still, there are inexpensive ways to market your stuff, as long as you accept one fact: You're also a media company.

Social changes
One in 11 people on the planet is on Facebook. Most everyone you know has an e-mail account, and likely, an account with at least one social network. That means your customers, your prospects and other contacts you hope to reach and nurture are using these tools to communicate, consume, acquire news and learn--and you have the tools to produce something of value to them.

Tools for the Job
Get free WordPress software, set it up on your own domain and build a valuable communications platform.

Have accounts on both and use to upload videos to each.

Social networks:,,
Pick two of these and start connecting with people.

Use this photo-sharing site to host and display pictures.

This freemium model lets you grow slowly but build momentum fast--and it's easy to navigate.

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