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How Two Entrepreneurs Created an Environmentally Friendly Camp Stove BioLite CampStove could be a force in reducing air pollution and deforestation all while charging your cellphone and toasting s'mores.

By Gwen Moran

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By the Numbers
40 million Americans went camping in 2010.

3 billion people worldwide use open fires as a primary cooking source.

1 billion tons of carbon dioxide is emitted annually into the atmosphere from open fires.

Sources: Outdoor Industry Association, World Health Organization and The World Bank

Product designers and avid campers Alec Drummond and Jonathan Cedar were on a mission to develop a better campsite stove--one that would cause less environmental damage than petroleum-based or battery-powered options, not to mention traditional campfires.

With the blessing of their then-employer, New York-based consultancy Smart Design, the duo spent nights and weekends using the firm's resources to develop the BioLite CampStove. Requiring half the wood of an open fire, the CampStove reduces emissions by more than 95 percent and--as a nice bonus for modern campers--can charge cell phones and other electronics. The $129 stoves began shipping in May.

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