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I Have Over 214,000 Followers on TikTok. Here's What I'm Doing Right Now In Case a Ban Happens. A TikTok ban would have substantial implications for small businesses and content creators. If TikTok goes under, here's what I'm planning to do.

By Neil Patel Edited by Mark Klekas

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A TikTok ban is a scary thought for many of us in the marketing world. I have over 214,000 followers on the platform. It's become an integral part of my business strategy, helping me connect with a younger audience and grow my brand.

That said, a potential ban isn't 100% set in stone yet. Whichever way TikTok's evolution goes, businesses and marketers have an opportunity to get ahead of the changes, but you want to act now. Here are my thoughts on the potential TikTok ban, its implications for entrepreneurs, and the steps I'm taking to capitalize on the situation.

Why might TikTok be banned?

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