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Roost: A One-Stop Social Media Shop This new social media tool can help businesses create time-saving online marketing campaigns

By Dan O'Shea

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

As you might have noticed by now, keeping up with social media can be a serious time suck. Between Facebook, Twitter and whatever the social media flavor of the month is, there is a seemingly endless number of networking circles you can use to connect with customers. And with multiple markets and multiple moments to connect during an average day, companies must continually deliver a fresh, dynamic stream of communication.

"No business should be as successful at this stuff as a small, local business," says Alex Chang, founder and CEO of San Francisco-based Roost, which developed an aggregation tool that helps small businesses tackle the big job. "Those businesses, or any in which the bulk of business comes from referrals within a local network, have the most to gain from word of mouth."

Chang recognizes that time, intimidation and economics play roles in keeping small businesses from taking advantage of social media platforms. "It's hard to get started, because they don't have the time to spend on it, but it's also kind of scary," he says. "You can pay a consultant to get you started, but that's not going to work if dollars are thin."

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