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We Are Disillusioned and in an Influencer Overdrive — Here's How to Find Authentic Guidance via Social Media Influencers Instagram, Twitter and Facebook seem more unrealistic than ever. Remember when it was fun!? In the age of authenticity, we're not buying the dupliciousity of influencers.

By Meeta Vengapally

Key Takeaways

  • It's time to step back and figure out how to get informed, authentic guidance about what we wish to know.
  • Informed guidance is out there; it just takes some searching.

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More than ever before, we seek out influencers for guidance, information and product suggestions. There's nothing wrong with this (we can learn a lot from the good ones!), but we can all agree that the market is over-saturated.

It seems like every time we hop onto Instagram, TikTok or Facebook, someone new is the authority on something. Celebrities, in particular, partner with major brands or start their own. Social media is about marketing. This can be frustrating because, as consumers, we genuinely want to know what to buy and avoid. Sadly, everyone is selling us something these days, and celebrities are the worst culprits. But there's a shift taking place. No one wants what they're selling anymore.

It's time to step back and figure out how to get informed, authentic guidance about what we wish to know. This one is tough for me because I'm an influencer! But I feel the fatigue like most others do. Let's take a deeper look and silence the noise.

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