These 9 Gadgets Prove Office Tech Is Finally Getting Interesting


Upgrade your work life.

Google Jamboard

1. Founderkit

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2. Neonode AirBar

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Neonode AirBar

3. Cassette

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4. Wipebook Pro

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Wipebook Pro

5. Polymail Pro

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Polymail Pro

6. Soraa Helia Smartlights

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Soraa Helia Smartlights

7. Google Jamboard

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8. Roku Hotel and Dorm Connect

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Roku Hotel and Dorm Connect

9. Shyp Price Comparison Service

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Shyp Price Comparison Service
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Today's technology is making it easy for you to work from anywhere in the world. Whether it be in your home office, a hotel room or an airplane -- we've discovered nine new tech gadgets and apps to upgrade your office. Check them out these interestest tech tools. 

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Founders seeking a super-specific tool know all too well that Google and Product Hunt will only get you so far. Want tried-and-true solutions in categories like engineering, analytics, and APIs? Look no further than this curated selection of tools for startups, which features in-depth reviews that come entirely from other founders. (
Ever wish your computer could swipe and zoom? It can! This USB attachment sits at the bottom of your Mac or PC laptop monitor, endowing it with a tablet-like ability to do just that—along with handling taps, touches, and pinches. It’s great for touchy-feely types and developers looking to test upcoming apps. ($79;
Few tasks are as mind-numbing as transcribing audio. This new iOS app makes it easy, automatically transcribing meetings, interviews, and audio notes in real time, and offering robust bookmarking and search features, all for a fraction of the cost of manual transcription services. Best of all: There’s no risk of prying eyes getting a look at confidential material. (Plans start at three hours for $10 per month;

Sure, you can jot down ideas on a smartphone all day long, but for many minds, nothing beats an old-fashioned whiteboard. This portable version, cleverly disguised as a notebook, allows for brainstorming on trains and planes and in cafés -- no need to book a conference room. ($45;

Most email apps are built as much for casual correspondence as they are for pushing productivity. This one is specifically for booming businesses. Polymail’s built-in features, including a wide range of templates, allow users to schedule and track emails plus monitor attachments via an always-on activity feed. ($9/month;

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Use light to hack your productivity! These white LED smartbulbs automatically adjust their glow all day. They leave you alert at work but subtly remove blue light (which suppresses the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin) closer to bedtime. Sorry; they can’t reduce your blue-light-filled screen time -- that’s up to you. ($50;

The old-fashioned whiteboard got a makeover. This large, cloud-connected 4K screen functions like an all-access whiteboard, with workers anywhere able to doodle or drop images onto it. Saving ideas is a cinch. And it comes with marker- and eraser-­esque styli -- because some things never go out of fashion. ($6,000;

Hotel TVs: Great for watching 24-7 listings of poolside entertainment, not so great for worthwhile programming. Roku’s new line of set-top streamers fixes that. It beams Netflix, Hulu and HBO to a TV, supposedly overcoming the finicky hotel wi-fi networks that often trip up other streaming devices. Upgrade to the Roku Ultra for 4K and HDR. ($130;

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When you use the Shyp app, a human will arrive to pick up anything you want to mail, then box and ship it for you. New features now make Shyp useful for businesses: Users can upload bulk addresses, print bulk labels and log in to a web-based dashboard to track it all. (

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