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The Real Story Behind How Netflix Got Its Name — and Why It Used to Be Called 'Kibble' Behind the Scenes Netflix co-founder Marc Randolph still has the scratch paper he used to come up with the name of the iconic company. Here, he shares the story of the company's birth and some solid advice for entrepreneurs just starting their journey.

By Entrepreneur Staff Edited by Mark Klekas

Every successful brand started as nothing more than some scribbles on a piece of paper. The same can be said about Netflix, whose co-founder Marc Randolph still has a copy of the old legal notepad paper used nearly 30 years ago to help create the company (You can see it for yourself below).

When you think of the name "Netflix," it sounds perfectly fitting and descriptive of what the product is — no substitute can compare. But as Marc experienced, the term had no meaning until he and his team made it into what it is today. Entrepreneurs constantly ask him how he came up with the name, and during an exclusive Q&A with Marc, he gave us the whole story. He also provided some valuable tips for entrepreneurs trying to create the next big brand regarding naming conventions and what landmines you should be paying attention to to save time down the road.

The story of Netflix's name

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