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Networking Doesn't Have to Be Sleazy Networking shouldn't be about your "biggest fish" contacts. Seek out connections with people your customers care about.

By Ali Scarlett

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Networking. Do you know when the word "networking" became sleazy? It became sleazy the day that businessmen and businesswomen decided "networking" meant showing up to events, pitching their own products and services to everyone, handing out as many business cards as possible, and then walking back to their office to wait for their phone to ring. It doesn't work, it's a tired strategy, and it's counter-productive for your sales. It's like the ABC (Always Be Closing) sales style of networking. It's hurting your business. So, if you want life-changing results for your business, here's how to really network.

Start inside your house

Your business is your house. Don't start looking for ways to build your house from outside the house (by going to events and such) until you've taken care of everything that needs taking care of inside the house.

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