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The Best Employees Have Side Hustles -- Here's Why How does an entrepreneur get started? By busting out of someone else's box.

By Jason Feifer

This story appears in the January 2019 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Nigel Parry

People often tell me how their entrepreneurship journey began. And it regularly starts like this: "I was working at [insert big company here], and they disapproved of my side hustle, so I quit." Then the person's side hustle became a full hustle, and now they're more satisfied (and maybe even making more money) than they ever were before. I heard this just last night, in fact, before writing this column. A woman told me about working at a big bank and leaving when her superiors gave her a hard time about a financial literacy program she'd started on the side.

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What a stupid bank. What a big, dumb, stupid, shortsighted, stuck-in-the-past, shooting-itself-in-the-foot, unable-to-retain-its-top-talent, dedicated-to-mediocrity bank. This woman's program is now thriving, and her former employer doesn't have access to her, her ideas, her energy, or her drive. The bank seems intent on limiting itself to employees who don't think big, and who don't reach beyond boundaries. The bank seems to think that it should be the only opportunity available to its employees -- as if it alone can inspire people to infinite greatness. That's implausible. No: impossible! The bank blew it because, like so many employers, it could not understand the limitless capacity of people who think big.

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