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This Flexible, AI-Powered Side Hustle Lets a Dad of Four Make $32 an Hour, Plus Tips: 'You Can Make a Substantial Amount of Money' Kyle Heyliger has a lot going on, so he set out to find a source of supplemental income that fit naturally into his busy schedule.

By Frances Dodds Edited by Mark Klekas

Kyle Heyliger lives in Atlanta, where his wife of twenty years and their four children are the center of his world. "It's all about finding happiness in your day-to-day and doing things that matter," he says, "and for me, it's always been the family." Over the past two decades, Heyliger has built a career as a fitness instructor, but last year, he abruptly lost a big contract that put him in a precarious position. "I took a pretty serious hit," he says. "We were anticipating a certain amount of income, so when that happened, I was kind of facing eviction."

In the past, Heyliger had moonlighted as a bartender, but he knew his roster of fitness clients and his kids' many activities would make it tough to hold down a steady bar or restaurant job. "Most companies want you to be one hundred percent committed," he says, "but my scheduling gets pretty crazy." So he started searching for ways to bring in money with a simple side hustle while building his own schedule.

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