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Why You Should Be Obsessing Over Every Tiny Detail of Your Brand Knowing when to correct things will help you create a consistent brand that will establish your value in the market.

By Tina Frey, CPC Edited by Michael Dolan

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Paul Linse | Getty Images

Have you ever had someone meet you for the first time, and 10 minutes into the conversation, he/she says your name – and it's wrong?

Oof - painful. So, what do you do? Do you correct them immediately? Do you leave it alone and hope he or she will figure it out on their own? And if they don't, do you live with the name Teresa instead of Susan for the duration of your relationship?

Now imagine it's your company's corporate identity that's been compromised. What if your company logo is in all caps and your client insists on always using lower case? Conversely, your corporate identity (CI) is all lowercase, and your client uses all upper case . . .what to do? There is only one answer. Correct the client immediately and respectfully.

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