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Here's Why Axilor Ventures Has Decided To Invest in 12-15 Early-Stage Startups This Year

Axilor, via its unique venture funding model, supports entrepreneurs in their first 24 months, helping them move from idea to scale.


How This Entrepreneur Is Simplifying Complex Legal Procedures in India Using Technology

"We started off by targeting the main pain areas of a small business owner"

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Why We Need Startup Accelerators and Ecosystems

Mentorship and guidance are time-tested ways to ensure that you're at the top of your game.

Science & Technology

5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Israeli Tech Founders

Treat investors' money like your own and you'll be prepared to tough out lean times and hard days.

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New Report Shines Light on the U.S. Accelerator Industry

Gust released its 2015 Global Accelerator Report. The U.S. and Canada are leading the way.

Growth Strategies

Meet the Two Indian Startups That Made It to Microsoft Accelerator's Roadshow in Silicon Valley

Microsoft Accelerator hosted 15 startup CEOs (out of +500) from its global portfolio for a five-day event in Silicon Valley and Seattle


Here's How This App Aims To Empower Local Mom-and-Pop Stores In India!

Kirana stores in India have survived the toughest of times!


Flat6Labs And Barclays Launch 1864 Accelerator To Focus On Fintech In Egypt

With a large section of Egypt's population being underserved in their access to financial services, the country is emerging as a hotbed for fintech ventures.


Taking Cue from Kris Gopalakrishnan – How Should Startups Face Difficult Times

Keep the fixed cost as low as possible; keep the variable cost directly proportional to the revenue

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Here's What Startups Need to Know About Axilor Ventures' Accelerator Program

Axilor aims to support early stage entrepreneurs. Its key focus areas include e-commerce, healthcare and cleantech

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Supporting Startups To Drive Middle East's Digital Economy Innovation

Faced with the twin challenge of 100 million young people entering the Middle East and North Africa labor market by 2020, and a rapidly changing business environment in the digital transformation era, many countries are encouraging startup incubators and accelerators to support innovative companies.


"Winning Is A Way Of Life"

"Talent is like the marksman who hits a target that others cannot reach," wrote Arthur Schopenhauer; "genius is like the marksman who hits a target others cannot even see."

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An Accelerated African Tech Ecosystem: Startups Driving Innovation

As the global population increases, it is important for accelerator programs to recognize the potential in untapped markets.


Here's What Startups Need To Know About Oracle's Accelerator Program

We did not want companies that were just an idea on paper !


The Fantastic Five Of Oracle Accelerator Programme

Meet the five startups selected for Oracle's accelerator programme in India