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McDonald's Hamburglar Comes Out of Hiding to Promote Big Burger Changes

The fast food chain brings back its iconic, 'red-handed fugitive' to market updates to the Big Mac, McDouble, and Classic Hamburger and Cheeseburger.


When Is It Time to Give Up on an SEO Campaign?

So what are you supposed to do if you're not seeing results? Should you keep investing, waiting and hoping for the best? Or do you withdraw and cut your losses? And if you must withdraw, when's the best time to do it?


The 7 Steps to Managing Your Ad Agency

Ensure that your advertising dollars are working toward your desired goals.


The Top Four Mistakes Beginners Make With Their First Facebook Ad Campaign

Love it or hate it, Facebook still brings in 40 percent of annual digital display advertising revenue.


How to Crack the Asian Ad Industry

Businesses must make an effort to stay updated despite geographic distance and time zone differences


4 Ways to Create Impactful Ad Campaigns Without Spending Much

Can you tell your unique value proposition in five words?

Growth Strategies

#5 Mistakes to Avoid in Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising demands a full-fledged team to perform various tasks in real time and leaving no scope for errors.

Social Media

#2 Facebook Advertising Mistakes That Even Experienced Marketers Make

Create ad sets with multiple images to narrow down those images that attract the most attention from your audience

Social Media

Why Snapchat Marketing Stinks Big Time

Poor analytics and expensive ad costs are at the top of the list.

Growth Strategies

#4 Strategies From 2016's Best Global Ads To Help Build Your Brand's Image

#4 ad strategies that brands can pick to foster engagement as well as encourage their brand.