#4 Strategies From 2016's Best Global Ads To Help Build Your Brand's Image

#4 ad strategies that brands can pick to foster engagement as well as encourage their brand.

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Whether a brand is big or small, one thing which that holds true amongst all is they have to be realistic in nature when it comes to advertising campaigns.


A marketer needs to be clear about the brand strategy such that it meets budget expectations to move towards the huge parlance of advertising.

In today's era where advertisers have a vast array of choices at their disposal, competition to gain maximum eyeballs is aggressive. Since advertising is all about how well you can position your brand in the minds of customers and prospective consumers, the "shoot from the hip' reactive marketing approach no more works best. A common strategy of brands in advertising space is to drill a positive brand image in the mind of customers balancing the budget of ads and effective idea for campaigns.

#4 ad strategies that brands can pick to foster engagement as well as encourage their brand.

  • Make sure you pick key elements of your product

To advertise any particular product or service, brands should assess the key elements of the product to highlight it in the advertisement campaigns. An attractive ad campaign which gains the massive traction is the one which embodies and highlights the key elements of product. Also, for the highlighted elements, one must ensure the right target audience for it. It isn't necessary that the product or service you're touting fits the needs of everyone. Thereby, one must ensure the right target audience for a particular product or service.

  • Use of appeals across different media

When a brand is able to fascinate the emotional needs of people, they generally promise that the product will serve a certain function of purpose. Associating brands with different appeals is though a conventional strategy of advertisers, yet it still creates a buzz and helps in easily connecting the audiences to brands. Suiting the product or service, brands use different appeals basis on the medium we pick up. A latest example of using an emotional appeal at its best is of Ariel Matic. The company aims at encouraging men to do their fair share of housework in its ad campaign. Here is a video clip:

  • Choose platforms to get faster reviews

Amid all effective media, what gives an advertiser a quick review of analysis is apparently the most preferred one. Sure there are innumerous ways of advertising a product but digital media beats all. Facebook and Twitter ads are the new fad of advertising industry. Brands like Fiverr, Dove and many other have done some stupendous advertising campaigns, and have gained a massive popularity worldwide. Check out Dove's Facebook campaign here.

With increase in number of mobile users, mobile advertising has changed the dynamics of ad industry amongst which new emerging types of advertising is gaining a lot of advertisers' eyeballs.

  • All means matter

The cross-device transactions in which consumers use multiple devices before making a purchase account for 40 percent of all ecommerce transactions. Someone may start browsing for a product on their smartphone via an app, then hop over to a tablet device later in the evening to do some more research through mobile web. But eventually end up making a purchase on their laptop at work. For advertisers, consumers jumping from one device to another results an increase in visibility of ads put online.

Now many of brands advertise their products on their own devices to gain customers' attention. The best example of it is the ads arising from the smartphone industry.

Whether it's OOH, or digital or an electronic or radio ad, the launch of campaign depends on the target audience of product or service which is going to be advertised.