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Business Ideas

Groomed for Success

Pamper pets by starting your own pet grooming business.

Business Ideas

Start a Dog Training Service

If you've got a knack for training dogs, obey your passion by starting a training business.

Business Ideas

Become a Pet-Sitter or Dog-Walker

If you love pets, this is the startup business idea for you.

Business Ideas

Pet-Waste Removal Service

If you can handle the stink of picking up after pups, then this part-time business might be for you.

Business Ideas

9 Pet Businesses to Start Today

Got a love for pooches? A hankering for kitties? Then these pet businesses will be right up your alley.

Business News

Four eBay Success Stories

An idea, a need, a passion, a calling -- everyone has a reason for starting their eBay biz. Here's how four found success.

Starting a Business

Smart Idea: Pet Manikins

This entrepreneur's clever idea helps rescue workers and veterinarians save animals' lives.

Business News

Animal Instinct

Everything from rescuing animals from chimneys to saving a raging buck is all in a day's work for this Critter Control franchisor.

Business News

Turning a Hobby into a Business

Find out how these teens made the jump from hobbyists to entrepreneurs.

Business News

Dog-Gone Good Business

Teen animal lovers are cashing in on the pet-care craze. Why not hop on the gravy train?

Business Ideas

Creature Comforts

Pamper pets for profit