Ashley Madison

Has the Ashley Madison Hacker Been Identified?

A security researcher has found clues via Twitter.

Benjamin Snyder

Ashley Madison Hit With Another Lawsuit Following Hack

This comes in the wake of a class-action suit filed against its parent company Avid Life Media in Canada last week.


Court Rules FTC Can Come After Your Company After a Cyber Attack

in a closely watched ruling, an appeals court says victims of hackers have liability for unfair-practices claims.

Ray Hennessey

9 Questions Employers Need to Answer Before Firing an Ashley Madison Customer

Now that anybody can find out who was trolling the cheater website employers have to decide if an employee two-timing a spouse is cause for termination or if it's wiser to just mind the business.

Jonathan Segal

Hackers Release Second Wave of Ashley Madison Data

This leak is larger than the first and appears to contain the emails of the CEO who runs Ashley Madison's parent company.

Robert Hackett

Hackers Release the Personal Information of Adultery Seekers Who Joined Ashley Madison

It's not a good day for members of the dating site, which boasts the slogan 'Life is short. Have an affair.'

Laura Entis

Bankers Say Ashley Madison Can Kiss IPO Plans Goodbye

This as hackers threatened to publish names and salacious details about the infidelity website's clients.


Ashley Madison Says It Is Relieved It Isn't Being Judged After Hack

The site is heartened by some initial public response that sees it as a victim.


Hackers Threaten to Leak Ashley Madison's 37 Million Clients

The hacker group says it will release sensitive information of clients of the dating site for cheating spouses.