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From Idea to Lucrative Side Hustle — Why Bitcoin ATMs Are the Future of Currency Exchange

Bitcoin ATMs present a lucrative opportunity — the market is projected to grow to $16.85 billion by 2033.

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Card Skimming Is On The Rise — Here's How To Prevent Your Information From Being Stolen

Debit card skimming increased by 368% in 2022 compared to the year prior.

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This ATM Displays Your Bank Account Information on a Public Leaderboard -- And People Are Lining Up To Use It

The ATM is part of an art installation debuting at Miami's Art Basel.

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What Is a Cryptocurrency ATM And How Does It Work?

Cryptocurrency ATMs are the most convenient way to buy cryptocurrencies using payment cards

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RBI Notifies Banks And ATMs To Provide Card-less Cash Withdrawal Facility

The apex bank proposed to allow interoperability in card-less cash withdrawal transactions at all banks and ATMs in its monetary policy review meeting held in April

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

The Senate of Mexico installs its first Bitcoin ATM

The installation of the ATM seeks to promote financial education and raise awareness of the need to regulate the use of cryptocurrencies in Mexico.


El Senado de México ya tiene su primer cajero de Bitcoin

La instalación del cajero busca fomentar la educación financiera y crear conciencia en torno a la necesidad de regular el uso de criptomonedas en México.


RO Systems in Urban Areas Should be Banned, Says This Jalpreneur

"Everybody is applying the RO technology for treating all kinds of water irrespective of where the water is coming from; thereby the water is getting wasted"


An ATM Machine That Pushes out 'Laddoos' is Possible Only in India

Celebrating the vibrant festival of Ganesh Chaturthi, a Pune resident has invented a unique ATM that gives away modaks instead of cash

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Automation Is Expected to Create Jobs but Only You Can Make Sure You Get One

Prepare now to join the digital workforce before the arrival of the robotic overlords.


A VC Perspective: Drone Technology Changing The Face Of Robotics Revolution

The largest use of drones and robots is in defense and industrial manufacturing, increasing the global market share from 14% to 28%


This Entrepreneur is Using Technology to Boost Security at ATMs

He cites fog computing to be the next big thing after cloud computing


This Entrepreneur Has Introduced Water ATMs in India

Their focus is on treating the water proficiently, thereby keeping its nutrient value intact


Offline and Online -Tips to Get the Best Forex Deal Before any Travel

Fortunately, with the advent of Online Portals, Foreign Exchange purchase has become more streamlined, transparent and easy to acquire.


Why India Needs More Fintech Start-ups in the Hardware Space

Hardware will come into use for a service like KYC, in putting an end to unnecessary paperwork and innumerable visits to different banks or offices