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10 Barack Obama Quotes on Hard Work, Success, Motivation and More

There's much to be learned from the former U.S. President.


Perfiles de celebridades y políticos reportan pérdida masiva de seguidores después de que Elon Musk comprara Twitter

La red social se ha limitado a declarar que la fluctuación se debe a factores 100% orgánicos, es decir la creación y desactivación de nuevas cuentas.

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Celebrity and Politician Profiles Report Massive Loss of Followers After Elon Musk Buys Twitter

The social network has limited itself to declaring that the fluctuation is due to 100% organic factors, that is, the creation and deactivation of new accounts.


Michelle y Barack Obama le quitan la exclusiva a Spotify y buscan ya otras plataformas para sus podcasts

La pareja busca el modo de incrementar el alcance de sus producciones utilizando diversas plataformas de manera simultánea.

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Michelle and Barack Obama take away exclusivity to Spotify and are already looking for other platforms for their podcasts

The Obamas are looking for ways to increase the reach of their productions using multiple platforms simultaneously.

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Teen Who Hacked Musk, Obama Twitter Accounts Gets 3 Years in Jail

Graham Ivan Clark faces a relatively short time in a juvenile facility due to him being sentenced under Florida's Youthful Offender Act, which limits penalties for felons under age 21.


Small-Business Friendly Presidents

The U.S. leaders who have done the most -- and least -- for entrepreneurs

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'The Michelle Obama Podcast' Debuts July 29 on Spotify

Her early guests will include Valerie Jarrett and Conan O'Brien.


10 Popular Myths About Leadership and How to Overcome Them

Leadership is bestowed on whoever is willing to make decisions and take responsibility for the consequences.


Obama Recommends Black History Month Reading List

The nonfiction list includes classic books and some important works you could finish reading during lunch.

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CNN Evacuates New York City Office Amid Reports of Suspicious Package After Explosive Devices Sent to Clinton and Obama Homes

Two CNN reporters said the package was addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan, who served in the Obama administration.

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Another Reason for Indians to Netflix & Chill. 4 Things to Know Today

Stay tuned to get every day updates in 60 seconds.


The Importance of Candor and Other Lessons From a Former White House Chief of Staff

Structuring an environment that ensures trust among team members and then defending its integrity amid high-stakes workplace intrigue are leadership skills all founders need.