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How Indian Educational Institutes Are Endorsing Blockchain Academia

It is becoming more vivid day by day that web3 and the subsequent technologies are the foundation of the future, and blockchain is that very foundation. So, are the Indian education institutions noting?

News and Trends

Blockchain-a Game Changer For Multiple Industries

Blockchain's popularity and applications are skyrocket­ing due to its innate qualities – the decentralized and distrib­uted ledger is immutable and completely transparent. My favourite is personal identity security, which paves the way for self-sovereign identity


9 Top Trends Shaping the Blockchain Industry

From DeFi to DAOs, blockchain has evolved for the better in the year 2020


How Indian Telecom Regulator is leading the Blockchain Adoption Game in the Country

Last year, the watchdog released The Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2018, asking carriers to the adoption of distributed ledger technology


Part II: Designing Smart Contracts: Considerations Involved

Smart contracts are automated contracts with pre-established terms and with the spread of blockchain understanding the process is really important

News and Trends

Here's How Temasek Is Going All Out With Blockchain & AI

The investment firm is looking to explore opportunities in these two technologies


Tapping into the Applicability of the Blockchain Disruption

Today, everyone seems to be "into" Blockchain and the next hype cycle will centre on blockchain! But what is blockchain and, where is it applicable?


What Type of Blockchain Network Do You Need for Your Business?

Making decisions in a vacuum will only lead to failure,so we need to understand the set-up first and then select the most suitable option.


Andhra Pradesh Intends to Create all Digital Assets Via Blockchain by 2019-end

Andhrapreneurship will focus on Fintech and Blockchain to race ahead


Why Did This 29-year-old Woman Plunge Into a Male Dominated Market of Blockchain

Primechain Technologies is developing one the largest blockchain-based solution for Indian banks, an initiative led by the country's biggest lender State Bank of India.


This is How MNCs are Driving India's Blockchain Story

While we have various startups trying their luck hard, the MNCs are not far behind


This Techpreneur Shares Why India is one of the Hottest Market for Blockchain Startups

The startup also claims to hosts one of world first live running land records on blockchain


Five Challenges Blockchain Companies Face While Working With Banks

If you thought running a blockchain startup was easy, wait till you read this