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Sanjay Dutt – The Mentor and The Mentee

How the Baba of Bollywood has played the role of a teacher and a student

Sanchita Dash

Meet This Designpreneur Who's Weaving Magic with Bollywood Beauties

"Follow your gut feeling, work towards understanding the pulse of your consumers and your product will eventually move up the market."

These NextGen Film Producers Know Where The Future of Cinema Lies

"We aim to make movies on all those regional stories that fail to make it to the screen"

Komal Nathani

Will Indian Film Industry go Carbon Neutral Anytime Soon?

Hollywood production houses not just offset their carbon emissions, but go to different extents for reducing their emissions

Pooja Domadia

Top #6 Indian Entrepreneurs Who Wooed Bollywood Beauties

The list of India's coolest business founders and CEOs tying the knot with industry head-turners is a long one.

Komal Nathani

#7 Things Entrepreneurs Must Do To Keep Pace With Digital Transformation

It's very important for entrepreneurs to have a thorough knowledge of the technology on which they are building their product.

Here's Miss and Mr Malini

After confessing his love for Malini, Nowshad went to a B-school abroad.

Producing a Film at the Age of 25, was Biggest Turning Point for Anushka Sharma

Do Indian actresses only know how to make fortune or they know how to make money on their fortune. Anushka Sharma has an answer.

#5 Lifehacks To Success From Anushka Sharma

Anushka is just comfortable in her own skin, meeting producers, actors, script-writers in sneakers and denims.

How Anushka Sharma is Making her Mark on-screen and Behind the Scenes

Unapologetic, confident and comfortable - that's what Anushka Sharma stands for.

#5 Celebrities Who are Making Money in the Tech Industry

These celebrities prove that they have more to contribute in terms of business and investment rather than just acting in movies.

Nidhi Singh

These #7 Celebrity Power Couples are Making Millions Together

The power couples are the talented individuals who are rounding up as the blistering couples in the varied arenas like entertainment and business

Komal Nathani