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Become a Product Licensing Machine Using These 8 Strategies

Learn the reason why most product ideas get licensed and how to take advantage of it.

Growth Strategies

How Can Brand Licensee Business in India Witness Robust Growth?

Brand licensees, who don't endorse the 'Make in India initiative', should have a good supplier from where they could import the product by prioritizing the product quality

Growth Strategies

Exploring the Scope of Entertainment Licensing in India

Global interest around Indian IPs has grown massively over the years


In the Age of Sensory Overload, How Can Brands Define Their Identity?

It is important, more than ever, for brands to look beyond the vanilla branding tactics and focus on brand ideals and genuineness with customers

Growth Strategies

Exploring the Scope of Indian Licensing Space in Coming Years

Is India leveraging the power of brand licensing properly?

Growth Strategies

A Licensing Beginner? This is What You Should Avoid

5 common brand licensing mistakes to escape

Growth Strategies

Unable to Grasp the Concept of Licensing? This is Your Perfect Guide

Let's dive into the world of licensing


Grow Brand Value While Accelerating Revenue Growth

Three ways to expand the licensing value of your brand.


Extend Your Brand's Reach With Licensing

The practice has prospered for nearly a century, and the playbook is dogeared, yet many brand owners hesitate.


This Bollywood Director Runs India's First Branded Content Studio

India's licensing industry is pegged at USD 1.4m, however, in the coming year, it is expected to grow multifold

Growing a Business

Licensing Another Brand's Name Could Help Your Company Grow

Brand licensing benefits small to midsize companies looking for their customer.


Brands that Make Products Come Alive

Brand licensing strategy has been used globally to breathe the right brand experience into innovative lines

Growth Strategies

#Five Tips For Entrepreneurs Who Are Keen To Start A Licensing Business

Licensing is a marriage, look for a long-term brand to sustain

Growth Strategies

Why This Entrepreneur Is Betting High On Brand Licensing

"When it comes to the gender, girls have a better aesthetic sense than boys."

Growing a Business

Is Your Product Idea Right for Licensing? How to Tell

Can your idea be manufactured at a reasonable price point? Can it be easily explained? If the answer is "yes," sit back and watch the royalty checks roll in.