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Business News

Irish Border Town Businesses Will Suffer Without a Sensible Brexit Deal

We need our leaders to make border considerations a priority.

Thought Leaders

U.K.-Based Entrepreneurs Are Sleep-Walking Into Brexit

Many entrepreneurs don't sell internationally but Brexit is likely to have far-reaching ramifications that impact them in unexpected ways.


What Small Businesses Can Expect From Brexit

The separation of the U.K. from the EU will bring many changes.

Growing a Business

How Will Brexit Affect the Sale of My Business?

You may be in a better position that you thought

Starting a Business

Why London's Tech Community Is Thriving, Despite Brexit

The local tech and developer ecosystem doesn't seem fazed by all the doom and gloom.

Thought Leaders

Why I'm Moving My Company From the U.K. to the Continent

Hint: It has something to do with a little thing called Brexit.

Business News

It's Too Soon to Say How Bad Brexit Will Be for the U.K.

Barbara Jones, Consul General of Ireland in New York, discusses the outlook for the European Union.

Money & Finance

Hasta la Vista, Baby! What Happens if California Leaves the Union?

Among "Calexit"'s many outcomes, the prices of fruits and vegetables would rise, and we would have to say goodbye to Mickey . . . sort of.

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How did Demonetization Affect your Investments?

Equally important is focusing on the right performance metric, one that enables comparison of diverse investments by using a common denominator.

Money & Finance

Regulation Is Strangling Fintech Startups: 4 Ways VCs Can Help

Fintech startups need regulatory approvals from about 400 U.S. agencies, but a secret weapon can help them navigate this tough business environment.

Social Media

A Look Back at the (Business) Year That Was

From Brexit to brand rehab to virtual reality, all the big developments in 2016 offer us lessons for 2017.

News and Trends

How Brexit May Impact Hiring Tech Talent in the UK

Brexit would be seriously impacting tech firms in the upcoming months

Growing a Business

Keep Calm and Carry On: What Brexit Means for Doing Business Across the Pond

The mood in Britain? Uncertainty. But airlines are competitive, the dollar is strong and there are still plenty of reasons to head to the mother country.


Brexit Is Complicating Digital Marketing and EU Data Privacy

An already uncertain framework for protecting users was jolted by Brexit.

Growing a Business

Don't Say 'Tally Ho' To The U.K. -- Yet!

Many of the predictions about Britain's imminent 'Brexit' are bad for U.S. businesses. But not all of them.