A Look Back at the (Business) Year That Was

From Brexit to brand rehab to virtual reality, all the big developments in 2016 offer us lessons for 2017.

Jeffrey Hayzlett

· 8 min read

Keep Calm and Carry On: What Brexit Means for Doing Business Across the Pond

The mood in Britain? Uncertainty. But airlines are competitive, the dollar is strong and there are still plenty of reasons to head to the mother country.

Tony Tie

· 5 min read

Brexit Is Complicating Digital Marketing and EU Data Privacy

An already uncertain framework for protecting users was jolted by Brexit.

Mike Canarelli

· 7 min read

Don't Say 'Tally Ho' To The U.K. -- Yet!

Many of the predictions about Britain's imminent 'Brexit' are bad for U.S. businesses. But not all of them.

Jeffrey Hayzlett

· 6 min read

Brexit Turmoil Makes Britain a Bargain for U.S. Businesses

Brexit has created a buyer's market for U.K. talent and real estate but you'll need help navigating the uncertainty.

David Nicholls

· 4 min read

London Startup Scene Weighs Threat of British 'Techxit'

High-profile companies are threatening to pull out or slow down plans to enter the U.K. market, international employees are second-guessing their immigration standing and investors could cut new funding that is the lifeblood of young tech firms.


· 6 min read

Branson Says Virgin Group Loses Third of Its Value After Brexit

'We are heading towards a disaster. I don't believe the public realized what a mess their vote would cost,' he said.


· 2 min read

Brexit: The Risks and Opportunities for American Entrepreneurs

Understanding the impact of the vote that started a global economic storm.

Brett F. Ewing

· 5 min read

ICYMI: Brexit, Billionaires and Best Books -- Top Stories of the Week

Everything you need to know about what happened this week.

Entrepreneur Staff

· 2 min read

Britain Just Voted to 'Brexit' the EU. What Does That Mean for Americans?

The decision is expected to have global implications, some of which may take years to play out.


· 3 min read