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Edtech Start-Up Which Offers Pay-After-Placement Raises INR 11.3 Crore

With a big chunk of management graduates in India deemed unemployable, Sunstone Eduversity seeks to make higher education accountable with a pay-after-placement model and working closely with recruiters.


Why the Indian Education Industry Will be a Goldmine For Investors in the Coming Years?

The need is to pick companies which have unique solutions, new business models, and a rebellious approach

News and Trends

Entrepreneur Middle East Inks MoU With The American University In Dubai

"A partnership between these two powerhouses is essential in magnifying the importance of higher education, in all the forms it takes, in the Middle East."

Growth Strategies

What's the Point of Studying Abroad?

The reduced cost of these pathway programs along with the higher long-term salary the graduate can get in India make this a viable option for students who dream of getting a foreign degree


Employability-Based Education System with Entrepreneurial Philosophy

This simple but often-ignored facet of education – awareness, correct information, and exposure, all three things are almost entirely missing from our students' lives

Starting a Business

5 Books to Read Before Starting Your Business

From Walt Disney's famous philosophies to the success behind, learn some tricks of the trade before making your own way.

Resumes & Interviewing

Which Employees Should You Invest in? 3 Strategies on How to Make That Choice.

With unemployment low, you need to enrich and empower your company's existing leaders so they'll stick around. Here's how.

Thought Leaders

Daymond John: 5 Reasons Why Education Is the Key to Your Success

How to learn valuable business lessons, even without a college degree.

News and Trends

Industry Insights and Trends Driving the Education Industry

The Indian education market has a huge potential as it is expected to almost double to $180 billion by 2020


Get Smarter About Business Cheaper With These 10 Free Online Courses

Put yourself on the road to more knowledge and better leadership.


How Educational Franchises Gain Popularity in Small Towns & Cities

The big brands also help people in small towns, gain world-class teaching and get popularity through word of mouth


Planning to Join Your Family Business: Do You Need a Formal Education?

What could you do with a formal Degree within the business?


Why Education Franchises Should Focus On After School Activities

Reducing Anxiety and Stress Among Students


Why Young Education Franchisors Should Focus on Building a Network

With international education brands invading the country, India is becoming an education hub, inviting students and businessmen to create their career.